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Linda Au

 Registered Social worker,  RSW, MSW.

Linda is a registered social worker.  She is half Vietnamese and half Chinese and was born in Canada.  Before she was born, her parents fled to Canada as refugees from the war in their home country.  She grew up in Forest Lawn in Calgary and understands what it's like to be part of the minority population.  Linda has worked with many vulnerable groups, including people experiencing homelessness, indigenous populations, refugees and immigrants, people experiencing addiction, and many more.

Linda is passionate about working with children and youth and obtained her Bachelor of Applied degree in Child Studies at Mount Royal University. She has worked with refugee families for 3 years.  Linda obtained her Bachelor of Social Work and a Master's in Social Work (Clinical Specialization) from University of Calgary.  She loves guiding patients to create better mental health for themselves and watching them improve and feel better over time.

Linda has worked with refugee children and youth, helped with research studies related to children and teens with autism, and supported children and youth as a family wellness worker in a remote indigenous town (Wabasca). She also flew to Fort McMurray with the Red Cross to support people affected by the 2016 wildfire. Linda Uses Clinical modalities such as CBT, DBT ACT Etc.

Couples counsellor Calgary Alberta
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